BB-8 Gets His Heart Broken in the New Poe Dameron Comic

BB-8, don’t run away from your feelings!
Image: Disney

Though many of Star Wars’ sentient droids communicate non-verbally, they’ve got a reputation for being able to experience and convey the full spectrum of human emotions from elation to powerful rage. This week’s Star Wars: Poe Dameron is a reminder that even though droids can’t cry, they can feel sorrow.


In addition to being Poe Dameron’s astromech, BB-8’s a friend, an adventurer, a smartass, and as of quite recently, a romantic interest. Like many of Star Wars’ heroes, BB-8 managed to find love in a hopeless place. But sadly, his budding relationship with another droid has come to a tragic end.

Love is dead and so is BB-8’s new girlfriend Ivee.

Over the course of the past

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