The Geneinno Titan Underwater Drone Will Hit Kickstarter Soon

Everyone loves drones because you can take fantastic aerial shots with them, hassle-free. But what if you don’t want to go up in the air but deep into the ocean? Meet the new Geneinno Titan underwater drone which will soon be launched over at Kickstarter.

Geneinno Titan

Background image credit: Sime Basioli |

The Geneinno Titan is an underwater drone that dives to a depth of 150 m (almost 500 feet), which is quite impressive because it is exposed to a water pressure of up to 15 bar down there. It also sports a 4K camera and two powerful (1000 lumen each) headlights.

Geneinno Titan Underwater Drone

Geneinno was established in 2013 and one of their flagship products was the Poseidon underwater drone. Now they’re back with a new kind of drone, the Geneinno Titan, which will be launched through a Kickstater campaign by

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