What Our Parents Thought Of Deadspin In 2015

The writers at Deadspin asked their moms and dads what they thought of the site in 2015. Here are their unedited responses.

Ley’s Mom:

I thought the growth of the website last year was fairly significant – it was much more so this year! Frequently seeing and hearing news and other media outlets cite to Deadspin’s stories and postings attests to the credibility you all have built up over the last few years. I am not sure the established media actually respects Deadspin, in fact they probably resent you all – but they do now acknowledge the site on a regular basis as a source for stories they cover. You guys often get there first – that makes me proud!

Drew’s Mom:

They did a fabulous job.

Drew’s Dad:

Better than a Georges Duboeuf vintage. I’m in as long as they take care of

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