Let’s all pray for a Dwayne Johnson/Joe Manganiello D&D movie, if only because it would drive Vin Diesel insane

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson is a busy dude, something we’re mostly pretty grateful for. After all, Johnson’s well-regimented workload is generally stocked up with things that make his fans happy: Stuff like working out, talking shit, and making roughly 20 big action blockbusters a year, all of which inevitably end up making giant mountains of money for everybody involved. Still, Johnson’s pace can occasionally break our hearts a little, like when it brings with it the suggestion that he had to pass up something juicy, like a Dungeons Dragons movie penned by sexy dancing mega-nerd Joe Manganiello.

Manganiello’s love for dragons and the dungeons what house them is well-documented; we’ve written before about not only his passion for the game, but also the script for a DD

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