New Laowa Lenses 4mm, 17mm, 100mm Macro, 10-18mm from Venus Optics

Venus Optics announced four new manual lenses to their Laowa brand – the ultrawide full frame 10-18mm zoom lens for Sony E-Mount, 100mm full frame macro lens, ultrawide 17mm medium format (Fuji G mount) lens and 4mm circular fisheye lens for MFT mount.

Four new Laowa Lenses. Source: Venus Optics

The Chinese camera lens manufacturer Anhui ChangGeng Optical Technology Company Limited – rather known as Venus Optics – produces camera lenses under the Laowa brand. They’re specializing in niche lenses that fill “gaps” in the lineup that other manufacturers don’t serve much, which is an interesting approach.

We have reviewed their 7.5mm MFT and their 12mm EF Mount Full Frame EF lenses before. And our most popular YouTube video is for some unknown reason this presentation of their “Snorkel” 24mm Macro lens from Photokina 2016 – currently standing at almost

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