Kyle Gibson’s Slider Is The Sneakiest Pitch In Baseball

Minnesota Twins starter Kyle Gibson didn’t get the win in his seven innings of shutout work Tuesday night against the Royals—the final score was 2-1, Kansas City, in 14 innings—but he did get another opportunity to show off his glorious slider, a strikeout pitch that’s been better at getting swings and misses this season than even Shohei Ohtani’s splitter.

Gibson picked up eight Ks tonight, almost exclusively using his newly unhittable breaking pitch when he had Royals hitters at two strikes. After never rising above seven strikeouts per nine innings in his first five seasons for the Twins, Gibson’s now averaging over a strikeout per inning so far this year.

Yes, this is a small sample size. And, yes, it’s very possible that Gibson can’t keep it up. But regardless of whether or not it lasts,

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