Donald Trump is why you need limits on executive power

First in a series: Donald Trump’s use and abuse of powers bequeathed him by Barack Obama – particularly the power to unilaterally kill people abroad – vividly demonstrates what a mistake it was for Democrats to continue George W. Bush’s expansion of executive power rather than rein it in. But they still don’t seem to get it.

Part 1: The loaded gun

Early in his presidency, Barack Obama met with senior advisors to discuss some of the extraordinary, extrajudicial powers that George W. Bush had claimed for himself after 9/11. Obama would need to either embrace them, or reject them.

The specific matter at hand that day was indefinite detention of terror suspects without trial. Obama faced similar conundrums in regards to other Bush policies, including the use of airstrikes – particularly from drones – to unilaterally target specific people abroad for

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