Trump says walls work. It’s much more complicated

From his 2016 campaign to his Oval Office remarks this week, President Donald Trump has returned to a border wall as the best solution for the U.S.-Mexico border.

In Tuesday’s primetime address, amid a three-week-and-counting government shutdown, Trump did point to other solutions. He cited a Homeland Security proposal that requested “cutting-edge technology for detecting drugs, weapons, illegal contraband,” as well as “more agents, immigration judges, and bed space” to process immigrants coming into the U.S.

But his $5.7 billion request for a border wall continues to stall negotiations over reopening the government, both after last night’s address and a Wednesday meeting at the White House. Today, the president also signaled again that he would consider declaring a “national emergency” on the border to help fund the wall, if he couldn’t reach a deal with Democrats.

“This barrier is absolutely critical to border security,” Trump said in his address Tuesday

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