WATCH: First Recorded Flight of China’s New Stealthy ‘Sky Hawk’ Drone

Drone helicopterThe stealthy Sky Hawk is only the latest in the line of unmanned aerial vehicles under the name by maker China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), but it’s a world away from the rest of the pack. It was unveiled at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, better known as the Zhuhai Airshow, in November alongside another stealthy drone of a similar flying wing design, the CH-7, which CBS called a “combat drone.” It’s not known what the new Sky Hawk’s designation is, but the South China Morning Post said it will have both combat and reconnaissance roles.

The Sky Hawk is also much, much smaller than the CH-7, with a wingspan of merely 35 feet, compared to the CH-7’s 72-foot span.

This wasn’t the UAV’s first flight, which CASIC says happened back in February 2018. However, it’s the first time the public has gotten to see it zoom around. Observers immediately noted its

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