Twins hire Rogers police chief, law enforcement veteran to lead security operations

Rogers Police Chief Jeffrey Beahen will join the Minnesota Twins lineup just as the team heads south for spring training next month.

But Beahen, a Robbinsdale native and veteran of 39 years of law enforcement, said that much of what he does “will never be seen, felt or heard by the fans” who visit Target Field. That’s because he will be the ballpark’s new director of security.

The Twins’ Matt Hoy, the senior vice president for operations, said that hiring Beahen wasn’t about specific threats but the team’s recognition of evolving safety needs at large venues.

“We just have felt the changing world we’re in,” Hoy said.

Among the unseen measures he will develop and coordinate, Beahen mentioned radiation and heat sensors, vehicle monitors and safeguarding the power grid and crisis communications systems.

Much of his work, he said, will involve outreach, informing the community about safety measures.

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