Thermal drone finds 88-year-old man and possibly saved his life

Police and fire departments from Brownsville had joined forces Monday night to locate and rescue an 88-year-old man who was reported missing. According to Brownsville Police Department Spokeswoman Melissa Gonzalez said Luis Reyna Zuniga’s family had informed the police that the elderly man went missing around 5:30 pm. In the end, it was with the help of a thermal drone that the man was found. The drone possibly saved Zuniga’s life, according to police. Over the last few years, many people’s lives have been saved with the help of drones.

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The drone saved Zuniga’s life

88-year-old Luis Reyna Zuniga was last seen Monday evening around 5:30 pm before his family reported the elderly man missing. The Brownsville police and fire departments, reportedly, joined forces and used a drone outfitted with a thermal camera to help find the man.

According to Gonzalez, a drone with a

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