Syrian Kurdish forces publish footage of downed Turkish drone

“Turkish soldiers started recording from inside their base, the footage recovered from the UAV (a commercial drone)” shows, the statement read.

The YPG said it would destroy any “military vehicle entering the areas under the control of our forces without permission,” adding that Turkey continues to attempt “to violate our borders.”

This is not the first time the YPG have shot down a Turkish drone. The Kurdish forces previously downed a Turkish drone in March 2017 and again in October 2018 in the Kurdish town of Kobani.

In November last year, the Turkish government announced it was planning to buy hundreds of drones for surveillance and security missions, Defense News reported.

Moreover, the Turkish Daily Sabah reported in August 2018, that the Turkish army had at least 58 armed drones that a local Turkish defense company produced.

The news website said the Turkish military used the drones during the Euphrates Shield Operation in northern Aleppo, Syria,

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