New Zealand authorities investigating drone near miss with AS355 police helo

New Zealand authorities are investigating the near miss of a drone with a New Zealand Police Eagle Airbus AS355F1 on Jan. 1.

Shortly after midnight on New Year’s, the Eagle pilot flying below 1,400 feet over Spaghetti Junction saw a drone “flying in extremely close proximity to Eagle — within 10 meters — and as a result the pilot took immediate evasive action to avoid a serious collision,” New Zealand Police said in a statement. In addition, two other drones may have been flying in the area, police said.

While police briefly suspended Eagle operations as a precaution, the helicopter has returned to service.

New Zealand Police are investigating the matter with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

“Our Police helicopter is responsible for saving lives and keeping our community safe,” Auckland City Police Inspector Jim Wilson said in a statement. “The actions of these people

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