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 Volusia County shouldn’t challenge Amendment 10

Those who voted yes for Amendment 10 should remember those on the Volusia County Council who want to undo their vote! Only one member voted against suing to overturn Amendment 10, and that was Heather Post of District 4.


Call or email council members and remind them all votes count. Remind council members they can be voted out of office.

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Here’s how to reach the council members who voted for suing to overturn Amendment 10:

• Ed Kelley (Chair) at 386-943-7026 or ekelley@volusia.org

• Billie Wheeler (District 2) at 386-740-5224 or bwheeler@volusia.org

• Deb Denys (District 3) at 386-740-5224 or ddenys@volusia.org

• Fred Lowry (District 5) at 386-943-7026 or flowry@volusia.org.

There’s also two new council members in Ben Johnson (At Large) at 943-7026 or bjohnson@volusia.org and Barbara Girtman (District 1) at 386-740-5224 or bgirtman@volusia.org.

We need to support our duly elected sheriff

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