Israel defence company sells ‘suicide drone’ to Azerbaijan

In the first sale of its kind, Israeli defence company Elbit Systems has sold a “suicide drone” to Azerbaijan.

Elbit Systems – a drone manufacturer which sells weapons to the Israeli military – sold its SkyStriker drone to Azerbaijan, making the Caucasian country the first non-Israeli recipient of the weapon.

The SkyStriker drone is known as a “suicide drone” or “kamikaze drone” due to its ability to destroy a target on impact. According to the Jerusalem Post, the drone travels at a speed of 100 knots (185.2 kilometres per hour), meaning it can cover 20 kilometres in just over six minutes while locating its target. It carries “a 5kg [kilogramme] warhead” and is “silent”, allowing it to hover un-manned until an attack is launched. Then, operators of the drone can programme it to dive towards the target at a speed of up to 300 knots (555.6 kilometres per hour), destroying

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