Heathrow Airport Drone Sighting Being Investigated by British Police and Military

Recent illegal drone activity at Heathrow Airport has led to the military helping local police with a “full criminal investigation” into the incident, the BBC reports

On the heels of England’s most paralyzing drone disturbance at Gatwick Airport last month, which had planes grounded for over 20 hours and continued to disrupt regular service the following day, Heathrow’s incident lasted a mere hour. Despite the comparatively small disturbance, incursions on critical infrastructures are a received as serious matters, particularly on those serving as a hub for countless aerial vehicles. As such, Heathrow Airport officials, Scotland Yard, the military, and Met Police have joined together to investigate. 

According to Met Commander Stuart Cundy, the drone sighting was reported at 5 p.m. GMT and subsequently led to departing flights staying on the tarmac. 

“We are carrying out extensive searches around the Heathrow area

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