CES 2019: Yuneec’s Mantis Q drone comes with gesture and voice control


Some of you may remember the drone manufacturer Yuneec from its Typhoon H hex-copter (six rotors), which launched with intelligent flight modes powered by Intel CPUs. This beast of a drone fascinated pro-summer drone pilots, but it wasn’t necessarily a drone that intermediate drone pilots would try.

Now, Yuneec’s Mantis Q aims to be the preferred drone for intermediate to entry-level drone pilots.

The company feels its design and user interface involved with flying will appeal to pilots.

“Beginners don’t want to read instruction manuals,” said Joe Schamuhn, Yuneec vice president of global sales. “They want to have a natural approach.”

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Ultra portable, user-friendly

The trend in drones today is ultraportable aircraft. The Manit Q doesn’t disappoint. No need for

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