Best drones for photography and video

Drones are no longer just a novelty gadget or solely for Hollywood tech crews. Innovations in camera technology and – even more importantly – image stabilisation have turned the humble quadcopter into a serious creative tool, both for photography and video.

Most mid-sized drones now boast high-quality cameras which enable you to capture video and stills of subjects and scenes that would otherwise be impossible. It is this high-quality image capture that has made them such a firm favourite with photographers and filmmakers.

Even at the lower end of the market, on the surface some of the small, compact drones might just seem like toys, but even these offer amazing filmmkaing potential. Some, such as the Tello, even come with full Scratch drag and drop programming integration.

So let’s get down to brass tacks. What are the best drones for photography and video? We’ve flown quite a few over the years, and these

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