Drone Helped Mexican Police Decrease Crime by 10 Percent

We’ve reported on drones in law enforcement quite a bit, with virtually every single police and fire department praising the tool’s practicality when it comes to identifying dangers and having a reliable eye in the sky as part of strategic decision-making. According to Wired, the Ensenada police department in Mexico just joined the chorus, claiming that the implementation of one single DJI Inspire 1 drone has effectively helped decrease local crime by 10 percent with more than 500 arrests, and a 30 percent reduction in home robberies.

“It’s helped with reducing response times and also catching people when they do something illegal,” said Jesus Ramos Avendaño, CTO of the Ensenada police department. 

During the course of four months, the department conducted more than 1,600 drone missions with approximately 25 drone missions per day, based on where the 911 calls were coming from on each

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