After Florida Bans Using Drones to Monitor Citizens, Miami Beach Police Introduce Miniature Camera Blimp

I would be surprised if the state determined that this was a violation of the FFUSA because the first line of the act defines a “drone” as a powered aerial vehicle, which most aerostats are not. Included in that definition are:

1) Can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely; (the ones I’ve seen used can do neither, they are simply blimps tethered to a ground station, the only thing capable of being controlled is the camera)

2) uses aerodynamic forces (thrust) to provide lift; (again, the ones I have seen do not have any mechanical parts to create thrust or lift, only the tether for restraint and the camera system)

(Note: I did find a better picture of the one being used in MB and there does appear to be a small fan/rotor on the tail of it. If that is the case and it is for anything beyond maintaining

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