UK police to get greater powers to combat drones

Police are to be handed extra powers to combat drones after the mass disruption at Gatwick Airport in the run up to Christmas.

Gatwick was repeatedly forced to close between December 19th and 21st due to reported drone sightings, affecting about 1,000 flights.

In response the British government has announced a package of measures which include plans to give police the power to land, seize and search drones.

The Home Office will also begin to test and evaluate the use of counter-drone technology at airports and prisons.

The exclusion zone around airports will be extended to a 5km-radius (3.1-miles), with additional extensions from runway ends.

Ministers also announced that from November 30th operators of drones, weighing between 250g and 20kg, would be required to register and take an online drone pilot competency test.