How a toy helicopter revealed Brexit Britain’s mass delusion

Cast your minds back to last year when everyone went a bit mad. Spoilt for choice? OK, then: to a few weeks ago when a window-fitter and his wife, whose friends said they had “no interest in drones or flying”, were thought to be responsible for causing Gatwick airport to be shut down. Their house was searched and they were taken away. Paul Gait’s boss said he was working with him at the time, but no matter. The droning expert, Piers Morgan, weighed in, calling the couple “clowns”. They were released without charge.

“How can you all come to a standstill because of a toy helicopter?” an American friend asked me during those three days of chaos. I didn’t know, but because I had seen a diagram in a newspaper explaining why drones couldn’t be shot down, I just said it was complicated. I saw a video

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