What makes the Force1 Scoot the best selling drone on Amazon?

Right now the best selling drone on Amazon costs $50 and fits in the palm of your hand. It flies autonomously and doesn’t use a remote. It is a tiny drone called the Force1 Scoot. After seeing it first hand I thought for sure it wouldn’t be any good. I was wrong.

DJI Spark

I love flying drones. I’ve flown literally hundreds of them. I love my Mavic and I love my FPV racers. The Scoot has very little in common with any of my favorite drones. So how could this thing be any good? The answer is in its simplicity and my children…

The Force1 Scoot drone is a unique remote-free drone. Yes, that’s right, there isn’t a remote. So how do you control this mini-drone? You use the force. Ok, not

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