This Picture Might be the Future for China’s Aircraft Carriers

China apparently possesses a jet-propelled unmanned aerial vehicle that’s suitable for tests aboard a future, catapult-equipped aircraft carrier.


The development means Beijing in theory could rapidly deploy fast drones aboard a planned class of large carriers, once the new vessels commission into service in the mid-2020s.

The Tian Ying drone, a product of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation,  appeared in the public display at the biennial air show in Zhuhai in November 2018.

Tian Ying is actually a family of drones, some of them having very little in common with the others. The Tian Ying that CASIC prominently displayed at Zhuhai is a jet-powered flying wing that reportedly is  similar in scale  to the U.S. Air Force’s RQ-170 surveillance drone, which has a 66-feet wingspan.

CASIC announced the carrier-compatible Tian Ying’s first test flight in February 2018. “Eighty percent of our drone’s technologies are the newest and

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