The Valley of AI draws the ire of students

The authorities’ plan to turn Tübingen, a small city in southern Germany best known for its eponymous university, into an investment hub for artificial intelligence (AI) met with a hurdle last week when students and activists organised a demonstration.

Some of the companies that are making investments in this initiative, known as Cyber Valley, have close ties with the defence sector. The protesting students said that they opposed both the “commercialisation” and “militarisation” of research.

“We decided to protest against these plans. We don’t want to have any kind of militarisation, neither of our university nor of our city,” said Maximillian Jan, 23, a student of political science and part of a far-left group. Together with other students, he occupied one of the university buildings.

Tübingen has already become an investment destination for AI projects under Cyber Valley. Researchers from around the world visit the Valley regularly to explore projects. Political

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