Drones Are The Future Of Home Security, And Sunflower Labs Is Making It Happen

Move over, security cameras—drones are taking over the home security space. Sunflower Labs, a San Francisco-based company headed up by CEO CEO Alex Pachikov, is at the forefront of this new concept, with what they’re calling the Sunflower system.

The Sunflower system is inspired by bees and the way they pollinate flowers—in fact, they call the drones in the system Bees. Each system has a Hive, and different Sunflowers. The Hive is the base, where the Bee is stationed. A person using this particular drone system would place Sunflowers around the outside of their home, which would in turn create what is essentially a layout of their security system. The Sunflowers—which are disguised as garden lights—also act as ground sensors and can detect motion. The Bee, which drives itself and is fully automated, is programmed to leave the Hive and fly around

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