Carolyn Cicciu, Jim Smart and Will Thomas: Look who is targeting Palestine

AMERICAN JOBS take priority over the lives and human rights of people who are victimized by weapons and technology that U.S. and Israeli companies produce for profit. The campaign contributions that Congress members receive from domestic and international defense contractors support death and repression globally.

One contractor is Merrimack’s Elbit Systems of America, a subsidiary of Israel’s largest weapons-maker located in Haifa. The latter has been involved in all major Israeli offensives against Palestinians in Gaza.

“Operation Cast Lead” of 2008-2009 killed 1,391 Palestinians (759 civilians; 308 children). During 2012’s “Pillar of Defense” 174 Palestinians were killed, including 10 members of one family. 2014’s “Operation Protective Edge” killed 2,104 Palestinian civilians, including 495 children.

Since March 30, during the “Great March of Return,” unarmed Palestinians have walked peacefully to the Israeli enclosure that imprisons them. As of last month, Israel has killed at least 210 Palestinians, who, for the most part, remained on

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