2016 presidential candidates’ campaign merchandise, ranked

If you’re shopping for the political nerd in your life, look no further than the websites of many 2016 presidential candidates. 

For Democrats, there’s the “Grillary Clinton” apron. For Republicans, there are options ranging from a giant Rand Paul birthday card to a Jeb Bush guacamole bowl.

Campaign stores are a way for candidates to bring in donations. Federal Election Commission rules don’t allow candidates to sell items for profit, so whatever one buys from them is essentially a gift in return for a political donation.

In addition, as the New York Times notes, online purchases allow campaigns to learn about their supporters’ personal preferences and find out what resonates with them, just as any sizable fashion company does. 

Here’s a look at the different types of campaign merchandise currently offered by Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, as well as their political action committees. We’ve assigned them completely subjective letter grades from A

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