Vermeer Public Beta Launch: The First AR-Enabled Camera Flight App

The following is a guest post by Sasha Rezvina of leading aerial cinematography company Aerobo.

Brian Streem and his team have spent four years flying drones for the biggest production houses in Hollywood. In that time, they believe they’ve discovered a fundamental design flaw with how drones are operated. They decided to build Vermeer, an augmented reality drone app to fix it.

“People don’t care about the drone. They care about the camera,” says Streem. Vermeer has redesigned camera flight around this principle. A user designs a camera path and the drone autonomously flies it.

The Friction of Flying Camera Control

Flying a drone is fun, and, many would say that flying a drone is easy. But if you really care about capturing precisely the photo or video you’re envisioning, you’re going to be disappointed the first time you fly a drone– and, probably, the third, tenth and hundredth time.

A high-quality

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