UAV Drone Detection with Thermal Imaging Sensor Surveillance System

Goleta, CA, USA – Terrorism by unmanned aircraft is a growing threat. Using drones to smuggle contraband into prisons is a current trend. While many countries are deploying UAVs in combat, the UAS technology is getting easier and easier to acquire by the general public and ill-intentioned groups. Most of current security systems set up in critical infrastructures are not sufficient to guarantee an appropriate level of protection. Over the past several months, more and more drones have been flying over Florida’s prisons, particularly as a means of smuggling.

To protect prisons, borders and critical infrastructures from smuggling and terrorism, Electro Optical Industries upgraded their most powerful 360° Thermal imaging sensors SPYNEL-X and SPYNEL-S, integrating a Visible Channel and a Laser Rangefinder to the thermal cameras. The new V-LRF option aims to facilitate the tracking and the identification of a detected

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