Rich People are Protecting Their Homes With Surveillance Drones

Under the legal regulations for drone flight put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration, drone operators cannot fly over unwitting or unwilling people, especially if that drone is carrying a security camera. That means that Sunflower Labs is actually obligated to market towards people who own their own lawns, making it a natural fit for well-off suburbia over other types of communities.

Insecure Security

At this point, after seemingly countless scandals involving smart home speakers listening when they shouldn’t have been, or internet of things devices being hacked, or private data being leaked, there appears to be a clear inverse relationship between the ubiquity of smart technology and personal privacy.

Case in point, The Verge reported that Sunflower Labs’ Bee drones send their video footage to a cloud-based storage system so that third-party security companies like ADT can assist the homeowners. Do you really want footage of your crib on the cloud?


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