‘Inside Robert Mueller’s FBI’ — And His Russia Investigation — With Biographer Garrett Graff

With David Folkenflik

Inside the mind of Robert Mueller. We’ll unpack the latest news from the Mueller investigation and explore what makes the special prosecutor tick with his biographer, Garrett Graff.


Garrett Graff, journalist, historian and director of the Aspen Institute’s cybersecurity and technology program. Author of “The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller’s FBI and the War on Global Terror.” (@vermontgmg)

Important Documents From The Russia Investigation

The Letter Giving Robert Mueller Charge To Investigate Russian Interference

The Carter Page FISA Documents

Mueller’s Sentencing Memo For Michael Flynn

From The Reading List

Wired: “14 Trump and Russia Questions Robert Mueller Knows the Answers To” — “Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo, filed yesterday with the most intriguing and interesting parts redacted by special counsel Robert Mueller, provided yet another frustrating glimpse into an investigation that seems at times almost maddeningly opaque. It made clear that Flynn was cooperating in three

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