Agility training for responder drones

Agility training for responder drones

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has developed an agility test for first responder drone operators.

To ensure that police, fire and medical emergency teams using unmanned aerial vehicles in emergency situations can all perform basic maneuvers to an adequate safety and proficiency standard, NIST has developed test methods that measure both the capabilities of drones and the skill of their pilots.

The 10 tests include making sure the pilot can execute an accurate landing, vertical climbing and straight and level flying, NIST officials said.  Functionality tests evaluate the pilots’ ability to perform circular orbits to identify objects from afar as well as spiral maneuvers for close-range inspections.

The test range can be built in a few hours from two-by-fours, plywood sheets and 5-gallon buckets.

“We try to make the tests as simple as possible for someone

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