While No One Is Looking, Trump Is Escalating America’s Drone War

On his first full day in office, during a visit to the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency, President Trump’s inheritance of the US’s drone war came into stark relief.

Trump “seemed unimpressed” as the head of the CIA’s drone campaign told him about how the agency, aiming to limit civilian casualties, had created unique munitions to that end, the Washington Post reported. The former reality television personality then viewed footage of a previously-recorded CIA drone strike in Syria. In that episode, the agency apparently waited to pull the trigger until it was sure the target, who’d been inside a house with his family, was sufficiently far enough away from the residence so as to avoid collateral damage.

As a presidential candidate, Trump told “Fox Friends” in late 2015 that taking out terrorists means “you have to take out their families” too, which could explain his

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