How the CIA recruits from elite schools: Part III

One of the perks of studying at an elite U.S. university is that top companies, organisations, and agencies congregate in search of talent. What follows is my experience attending a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruiting brief and simulation session at the Johns Hopkins University. Names have been altered to preserve personal security. You can read part I and II here. 

“Hell no,” said John.

Michael had given us five minutes to come up with a decision: do we inform the Director and the president, or do we. . . fail?

“I repeat: hell no. We can’t provide an analysis to the director and president with what we’ve got.” John’s portly face was blazing red. He was truly worked-up by the prospect of failure. “It isn’t like we can give an assessment only to retract a few minutes later when a new piece of information trickles in.”

“Can we

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