Ask Engadget: Which drone should I buy for my kid?

James Trew
Managing Editor

Fortunately for you, there are a ton of kid-friendly drones to choose from. In fact, that’s maybe part of the problem: With so many available at a wide range price points and technical abilities, it can be hard to know what’s appropriate (and worth your money).

Without knowing how old your son is or what in particular excites him (racing? taking pictures?) I would suggest looking at the following options, each of which has their advantages but are also good all-rounders.

Eachine makes a number of affordable mini-drones that are good for learning how to fly. They’re robust enough to take a few knocks and come with protectors so the propellors won’t nip your son’s fingers (or get caught in your hair — it happens). Bear in mind these won’t hover in place; if you take your hands off the controller it

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