Finland may let police jam drone signals in sensitive areas

Kuvauskopteri ilmassa.

Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Government plans to grant police and prison officials the right to bring down unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in sensitive areas such as near correctional facilities.

According to Justice Ministry legal counsellor Juho Martikainen, the legal reform would allow law enforcement authorities to use devices to disrupt drones in flight by jamming radio signals to either make the unmanned craft turn to seek a signal or fall to the earth.

Martikainen said that drones have created disruptions at prisons in Riihimäki and Vantaa, both in southern Finland. He noted that some drone explorations are driven by curiosity or voyeurism, but added that drones may also be used for transporting items.

“There have been cases when drugs have been flown into prison compounds,” Martikainen explained.

Meanwhile the Transport and Communications Ministry is considering an all-out

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