Microsoft ‘Solidifies’ Azure Cloud For Drones

In December 2016 Connect Robotics delivered food for an old man in the mountains of Portugal using the drone pictured here.Wikipedia

Back in the desktop era and early stages of computing, software developers were just programmers. Then, as the age of mobile dawned, we found software engineers identifying as mobile-first developers in the knowledge that all apps are inevitably accessed by mobile devices for some of all of their existence. A similar epiphany has happened with cloud computing — and now many developers would consider themselves to be cloud-first cloud-native programmers working in the always-on virtualized world of cloud.

Next, we need to welcome the drone developer.

These are software programmers who dedicate themselves to building drone ‘steering’ control apps, obviously. But these are also programmers who build drone applications that sit on the drone devices themselves to analyze the worlds that they fly into. Much of this software

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