Muskogee Sheriff’s Department purchases new drone

Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office has acquired a drone after receiving a grant from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office.

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone was ordered several weeks ago after the sheriff’s office received grant money from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office specifically for its purchase.

The drone is equipped with a Boson 320 Forward Looking Infrared camera, a 1080p 4K recording camera on a gimbal, a DVR for recording thermal and video simultaneously, and a 7-inch LCD monitor that can display thermal images in real time.

The drone has built in obstacle avoidance, a flight time of approximately 27 minutes, and can travel up to 2 1/4 miles. 

The sheriff’s office began the process of obtaining the drone after it became clear a drone would benefit the public safety of Muskogee County.

“The ability to deploy a drone, and especially a drone with thermal imaging, gives the sheriff’s office the ability to search an area, search

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