Aaron Paul: ‘It’s impossible not to throw our own emotions into the mix’

Aaron Paul is a 36-year-old actor who came to prominence playing crystal meth dealer and producer Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, for which he won three Emmy awards. In Eye in the Sky he plays a drone pilot ordered to blow up an Al-Shabaab cell in Kenya.

Eye in the Sky is dedicated to the memory of Alan Rickman, who co-starred. Did you get to meet him?
Sadly we never had the opportunity. This was the second film he and I did together, but I never had the privilege of meeting the man. I’m very blessed to have shared a screen with him.

Your character refuses to fire his drone because he is likely to kill an innocent girl. But if he doesn’t act, the suicide bombers he’s targeting might kill many more innocents. Do you have a moral position on that dilemma?
It’s impossible not to throw

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