15 Best Racing Drones of 2018

Humans have a penchant for turning anything into a competition, so it’s no surprise that this racing drones have quickly taken over. Drone racing has become a legitimate sport complete with professional leagues and huge prizes at stake.

With increasing popularity, racing drones have also become common at the consumer level. Racing drones of varying prices, brands, and customization options are now easily available. We compiled a list of the most popular and best rated racing drones this 2018 and summarized it into this buyer’s guide. Whether you are totally new to the field of drone racing or are an experienced drone racer looking for a higher level experience, then this buyer’s guide should be very helpful for you.

1. Walkera Rodeo 110 with Devo 7

Walkera Rodeo 110 with Devo 7

The Rodeo 110 from Walkera is a mini-drone that packs

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