PPD drone up and around after crash

Despite a crash of the city’s $27,000 drone in August that grounded the unmanned aircraft for nearly a month, Palestine Police Chief Andy Harvey remains confident the drone is an effective crime-fighter.

The drone’s manufacturer, DJI Drone of California, concluded a software malfunction – not pilot error – caused the crash. So the company didn’t charge the city for repairs.

“It’s a rare thing for something like that to happen,” Harvey told the Herald-Press. “We have had it back for several weeks.”

When hired as chief in August of last year, Harvey said Palestine would benefit from an eye in the sky.

“I found value in having a drone, and being part of a more modern police force with advanced technology,” he said. “We looked at drones to give us another tool.”

When searching for a child or in a densely forested area, drones are invaluable.

The Dallas Police Department, where Harvey worked as a command

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