Gadget gush: A camera drone, the iPad Pro, and a weed vape

This is a weekly feature where we round up some of the great gear, gadgets, and hardware we’ve covered in the past week.

November already, damn. Got that impending doom feeling from another year ending? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of stuff out there for you to buy to banish that feeling.

The Skydio R1 – a self-flying camera drone

We really loved this drone. Having something that can fly itself and film you just feels… futuristic.

You can read our review here and buy it here.

Apple announced a shedload of hardware

It was a busy week if you’re an Apple fan. The company held its October Special Event and announced a raft of great new gear.

Like the Mac Mini? Well now there’s a new Mac Mini.

Dig the Macbook Air? You’re in luck –

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