THE COUNTY LINE: New drone is not just an expensive toy

It has many important uses.

    When word got out — although it was never a secret — that Polk County had spent $36,000 on a drone, there were questions about why the county needed such an expensive toy.

    But, you’ll come away convinced that it’s not a toy if you spend a few minutes with Jody Beauchane, who is both the county’s Emergency Management director and its Ag and Drainage inspector.
How it came about
    Three units of county government joined forces to put up the money for the drone, which is an DJI Matrice 210 model. Those three divisions were the Emergency Management Department, which is a part of the Sheriff’s Office, at 40 percent; the Public Works Department (Highway Department) at 40 percent, and the Ag Drainage Department at about 20 percent. Ag Drainage, which oversees some 135 different drainage systems

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