Skydio’s R1 is the self-flying camera (drone) we’ve all been waiting for

Skydio’s R1 quadcopter is one of the most interesting gadgets of 2018. I spent some time with a review unit and, even after falling in love with it, I’m still not sure what to call it.

Describing the R1 as a “drone” is like calling the iPhone a “rectangle.” Both terms are correct, but neither are really accurate. The R1 is an autonomous robot. No, it’s not fully-autonomous, but if you’re expecting a quadcopter that can fly itself without your help: you will not be disappointed.

The R1’s big selling point is that it’s not just self-flying, it’s a “self-flying camera.” It mostly delivers in that department. I was a bit shocked to learn it doesn’t take still images, but once I spent some time with a review unit it made more sense.

Credit: Nicole Gray

This isn’t a toy or the evolution of the selfie

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