GoPro updates the Karma drone firmware for the new Hero 7 action camera

In another very good and detailed review from DC Rainmaker about the new GoPro Hero 7, he mentions that the action camera company actually went through the trouble of updating the firmware for the Karma drone and grip to be compatible with the camera’s new features… “For the six people still flying the GoPro Karma drone”, he said with a smirk. Of course there’s more to the new camera so jump right in!

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Hero 7 compatible with Karma drone after firmware update

Whether you still fly the Karma drone or not, the new GoPro Hero 7 seems to be quite the upgrade from the old GoPro Hero 6. Especially the new HyperSmooth feature seems to be a big step up in terms of image stabilization. Like DroneDJ contributor, Gab707 said: “It is a turn-key solution that will

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