CLEOPA OTIENO: Is Kenya ready for drone technology?

Drones, or flying robots, are here and will likely dominate our skies pretty soon for many good reasons. These include agriculture, humanitarian work, health, construction, security and entertainment, among others.

Drones can fly, move on the ground (unmanned ground vehicles) or underwater (aquatic drones), or in any other format. Drones are essentially robots. They are useful in agriculture, now commonly referred to as precision agriculture with numerous applications such as targeted crop spraying.

In health they can be used to deliver medical supplies such as antivenom, blood and critical life-saving medicine. In construction they can be used to inspect tall structures. Drones are definitely vital in aerial photography and videography, forestry management and conservation efforts.

According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, nine out of 10 disasters are ‘silent crises’ that rarely make international headlines. Though their individual impact may be less — both in terms of death

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