Waterloo Region police help drive privacy rules for drone use

Those answers will be explained in a privacy impact statement soon to be posted on the police service’s website.

The service had hoped to see its drone used in official investigations starting this week, however, its launch will be delayed for several weeks until privacy procedures are finalized.

While creating rules to protect public privacy when using drones in police work is meant to promote transparency and accountability, the effort will also help ensure evidence stands up in court.

“It allows us due diligence in court,” explained Larkin. “From a judicial perspective they want to know that we’re doing things ethically, but also complying with provincial legislation.”

The SkyRanger drone, made by Waterloo’s Aeryon Labs Inc.’s, cost about $83,000, and is considered a smart purchase, as the service could see a return on investment in less than a year.

The device could save an estimated $13,600 a

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