As the War on Terror Continues, Trump’s Drone War Expands in …

This latest strike in Somalia, which occurred in the southwestern part of the country, killed three unnamed members of al-Shabaab, according to Africom. That American airpower is necessary to fight a 5,000-man insurgency, operating mostly with old AK-47s, may seem surprising. But local forces advised by American special operators have proven unable to break a tired pattern born from ground operations: First, African Union peacekeepers and Somali national-security forces repel al-Shabaab from a rural town; several days later, they withdraw from the town to a nearby forward-operating base; and then, predictably, al-Shabaab returns.

Why do security and a strong government in Mogadishu matter for U.S. interests? Though America’s fight against the Islamic State in North Africa has made headlines over the past year, chaos in Somalia has long been a focal point for the U.S. global War

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