The 10 best camera drones in 2018

When you think of a drone, you almost certainly think of a quadcopter or multicopter – with four or more propellers providing vertical lift from each corner and an on-board processor which keeps the machine broadly level. 

These can move with surprising speed simply by leaning slightly off the horizontal so a small proportion of the prop’s energy is directed sideways. A whole community of racers who really push this to its limits has built up, but most of us can get a lot more out of a ‘copter with a built-in camera, and certainly the market has coalesced around the camera drone.

Given the photography industry hasn’t wholly outgrown the tripod in the 200 years or so that it’s had, what challenges – and what rewards – does sending the camera airborne bring with it? The obvious one is the ability to shoot from anywhere (aviation authorities permitting), get any angle on your subject

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